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The staff is highly personable, dependable, and always keeps you informed, delivering premium service. Thanks!

E. Peck


Effective staff, always on time. Highly recommend.

Alexander Payton


Dependable and effective. Pleasant company to deal with.

Mary Walls


The cleaners are courteous, industrious, and well-versed in their work.

C. Franks


We were happy to leave them a generous tip for their outstanding service and dedication to ensuring our satisfaction.

Joey Bryce


This amazing company has always gone above and beyond to provide us with exceptional service for as long as we've known them.

L. Baily


After trying various cleaning services, I can confidently say that Cheap After Tenancy Cleaning provides the most thorough deep cleaning service at a reasonable price - thanks to their dedicated team and fair pricing.

Jane S.


Choosing this company for cleaning services in London was a game-changer for me. The incredible attention to detail and frequent updates made all the difference.

Brigette Michaels


The booking process was uncomplicated, and there were plenty of options to pick from. Our cleaner showed up on time with a positive demeanor, he did an excellent job cleaning our carpets and went above and beyond by assisting us with fixing our malfunctioning heating unit. I highly recommend this service.

S. Melton


It was an absolute pleasure to receive such top-quality service from the friendly and professional cleaner who tackled our carpet with enthusiasm and skill, leaving us completely satisfied.

Jake Carlson


This cleaning team was able to transform my home into a spotless haven that I am proud to show off.

N. Anderson


From my first experience with this cleaning company, I have been nothing but impressed with their level of professionalism and care.

Cal Dupont


The house was completely spotless, I couldn't find any dirt or grime anywhere. Choosing it once more and suggesting others do the same is a no-brainer.



Right on time, full of confidence and competence. Interacted with a charming and kind personality. Exhibited exceptional listening capabilities to guide us towards understanding our needs.

Chloe W.


Auctions job done on renewing the living region and steps - now fully clear from any traces, allowing my carpets rebirth into something new and beautiful to behold!

Trish Kennedy


I contacted Cheap Cleaning Company for rug cleaning services with the hope of salvaging my tattered rug. The end result was astonishingly good - far better than what I had anticipated beforehand.

Stacey T.


To prepare a two bedroom property originally owned by an old woman for sale on the market, we decided upon hiring services of only one Cheap End Of Lease Cleaning Service. Their professionalism is undeniable; arriving exactly when expected and working tirelessly throughout until completion of true excellence c transforming what previously looked drab into something stunningly beautiful! Strongly suggest giving them a try if you want a thorough clean!



I had let my home get messy over time and knew I couldn't do it justice by cleaning it myself. Needing one-off cleaning support, I consulted with Cheap After Tenancy Cleaning. They assured me they could provide all the help I needed so they were hired. Within a day or two, they had arrived and cleaned my house. I was bowled over by the results, as my house had never been this clean. The next time there's a mess, I'm calling them without hesitation.

Richard Thompson


I hated the fact that my rugs always got dirty faster than I cleaned them so I decided to take stronger measures. This was to call CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning who I knew could assist me. Their cleaning staff were able to come to my home and remove all the stains that have accumulated on my rugs and ensure they looked clean. I was impressed by the skill and hard work their staff showed, so I will easily hire them again when my rugs become dirt again.

Joshua Woodgate


When I moved here, I thought it would be difficult for me to find a cleaning service as good as my previous one. Then someone recommended CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning to me and I decided to give them a try. I must say that they went above and beyond their claims and gave my home such a thorough cleaning that I am tempted to use them regularly. Every aspect of dealing with them was so professionally done, from booking the service to having them over in the house cleaning. I highly recommend that you use this company for your cleaning needs.

Stella J.


I knew I could not afford a new mattress but I knew I could not cope with the one I had. CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning's cleaners gave y mattress a new lease of life when they cleaned it so thoroughly. I was amazed, astonished and also taken aback by what a difference the cleaning of the mattress made. A clean mattress is nearly as good as a brand new one and I can promise you that for certain. What a great service they provided and what a great night's sleep they have given me every night since.

F. Anderson


We had the bamboo floors in our home waxed when they were installed. This was before we knew how difficult and expensive it is to have wax coating touched up. It was also worrying to learn that once a wax coat has been used, the bamboo floors cannot be treated with any other kind of coating or polish. Thankfully, a friend suggested CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning and we were relieved to find that they offer floor polishing, buffing, waxing and cleaning services for really good rates. The professional cleaners have saved us a lot of time and grief, and also the bother and expense of having the floors stripped out and replaced.



A professional cleaner is necessary in my home because of my ill health. The dust that gathers in the high corners as well as the smells of the cleaning agents play havoc with my asthma. I need a cleaning service that's affordable enough to hire on a regular basis, but dependable enough to completely rely on. CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning turned out to be my answer, and I've been using them for months! Their staff are skilled, dependable but really friendly and easy to chat to as well. In short; my home looks fantastic, and I can't thank them enough. If you're in a similar situation to me, then get in touch ASAP!



Having a decent window cleaners is a good shout, because it really does ensure that you are getting someone in who knows what they are doing, as well as being well aquatinted with your home. I find that CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning always do a good job for me on my windows, but because they are regulars now, I feel like I can trust them. It is good to feel that you are safe with people who could be strangers, and that is why I never accept jobs from cleaners who just pitch up, as they could be anyone! I will be using CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning for as long as they deliver great window cleaning for the excellent price that they have been doing!

Amanda Stewart


I had spotted some tea and coffee stains on my settee and chairs, so decided it was time to get the upholstery cleaned professionally. I hadn't had the furniture long so didn't want the expense of buying new replacement furnishings. I was given the details of CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning from a friend. I called them and explained the situation and they booked an appointment. The cleaning team arrived on time with their tools and cleaning products. They started immediately and after a short time it was all done. The upholstery looked like new again. The cleaning team had made a terrific job.

Anne Simms


If you want to get your carpets looking clean and new then CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning has a really good carpet cleaning service that I totally recommend. I needed help sprucing up my carpets and removing stains, and the cleaner I hired from this company managed to make my floors look as good as new! Lots of people have commented on how good they look, and although I'd like to take credit, it's the professional and reliable cleaners from this company that have helped me to get the home of my dreams! I fully recommend this company and I can't wait to try their other cleaning services!

Oliver G.


The mess in my house seems to crop up faster than I can tackle it. It seems that as soon as I have finished cleaning some new clutter, dust or stain will appear and the process begins again. I hate doing this repeatedly, so I hire CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning. Their team comes to my house, they do everything for me, and the result is thorough, so it takes longer for new dirt and disarray to appear. When things start building up again though, I know I can call them and they will do everything necessary to eliminate it.

Erin Lester


I was in need of some extra help around the house after breaking my arm. My cousin recommended a company shed had used from time to time. CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning were brilliant from the first call. The office was friendly and helpful. They sorted a date to suit me and arranged for the house to be completely cleaned throughout. The cleaners arrived with all of the gear and got to work. They scrubbed, polished, mopped and vacuumed the place from top to bottom. Nothing was missed; great attention was made to every little detail. The results were fantastic, the place was spotless.

Gloria Estrada


I was moving area and needed a one off clean to get my rental home back into reasonable order. CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning were happy to help, they arranged a date to come and access the job and give me a price. The work was scheduled for a date to suit me, and the workers arrived promptly with their equipment and cleaning supplies. They worked really hard all day, dusting, polishing, rinsing, mopping and paid great attention to hidden nooks and crannies. The place looked marvelous when they finished at the end of the day. Great work.

Katie Raki


If you err the kind of person who is not that interested in wielding a mop, then you are a lot like me. In fact, my disdain for cleaning has meant that I have had over seven different cleaners over the last three years. For the whole of the last of those three however, I have had CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning working for me. They are excellent; no back chat, no slacking off, none of the rubbish that I have had to deal with in the past from stripy cleaners who never get anything right. This lot are the real deal, and their prices are very reasonable considering.

Anna Cox


After trying about three different cleaning companies I have to say that out of those choices CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning are by far the best. They are very professional, very good at what they do and what I have noticed with this company is how kind and friendly the staff are, they are always willing to do anything I request and they always turn up on time and have never ever let me down. Thanks so much for everything and I cannot wait for the next visit, I want to tackle the kitchen next as I have seen what you did to my friends and I was blown away!



I never thought I'd be the type to do a review on a cleaner, but here I am. CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning are that good that I felt it necessary to tell everyone about them! I will be sure to use them again in the future, as pound for pound, they are by far the best value cleaning service I have ever used. We got them in to clean up after a party, but I think I'm going to have to get them back every week now, the place looks incredible! I hope that all reading this will give them the extra business that they deserve, as they really are great!

Crystal Floyd


I wanted to hire a professional cleaner to help me with my end of tenancy cleaning. I knew that the job would need to be thorough for me to claim my deposit back from my landlord, but with all of the stress with moving house I just knew I wouldn't be able to have the time to get the job done properly. I found out about CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning and decided to give them a call. I had quite a big job to handle, but the cleaner was very professional and got straight to work. My house looked great when she'd finished and I had no problems claiming back my deposit! Thanks for all of the help!



Keeping the place clean really isn't easy when three dogs and the problem as any dog owner knows is that ‘doggy smell' when you invite guests over. Well thanks to this marvellous team from CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning I no longer have to worry about it. They visit every two weeks and really blitz the place and I don't know how they do it so quickly. My home has been smelling fresh and fragrant ever since, and the dog hair problem on the couch is also done properly so that I can maintain it all myself as I go along. Great service thanks guys!

Alexander Owens


I love a clean office. It makes working a lot more enjoyable and it makes the office a great place to spend a lot of your time in. I could not clean the office myself since I am so busy handling the office and juggling a husband and two children as well. I called CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning and decided to hire them, since I had heard so many great things about them. My office always looks great and smells very nice. I don't have to worry about dirt anywhere since they take care of everything, even the little things like blinds, door handles, around the plugs etc.

Rachel Tweed


So I made the mistake of hosting my first (and last) children's birthday party for my son who was turning 5. Never before did I think that a group of 10 children could turn a house upside down. Well, at the end of the day I was exhausted and looking at the state of the house was enough to make me teary. My husband hired CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning to do an overall deep clean and clean the carpets which were now covered in cake, crushed crisps and spilt juice. Not only did they do an excellent job, but they did it all for a very reasonable price which made me a very happy woman!

Ellie W.


There's not a day goes by when I don't discover some new little treat. I hired in CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning a few months back and still, to this day, I am discovering areas in which they have cleaned which I had forgotten existed. From the spaces underneath all of my old spices to the cobwebs behind the boiler, these are the areas which you always forget about and which are now always so clean and tidy. I am so happy with their services and I've passed on their details to all of my friends. Really great service, can't say thanks enough.

Andrea Thomas


If you are like me, and wonder how on earth you are going to get your place looking perfect before you have people round, whilst also making the requisite preparations for the gathering, then you may want to know my secret... I call CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning and they come round to get the place looking beautiful on the day of the party, whilst I'm at work, or cooking, or whatever I need to get on with! They only charge a small amount per hour, and I rarely need more than one or two, so it's pretty perfect! Obviously, the clean lasts much of the week, unless I have a particularly outrageous soiree, so it's win win as far as I'm concerned!

Robert Andrews


Cleaning house is a horrible task! It's long, it's boring and my house always ends up a state in just a few hours anyway! I felt as though I was wasting my life with my house cleaning, and no matter what techniques or products I tried, things just never looked as clean as I wanted. I eventually gave up and called CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning to hire a professional house cleaner. Not only do I no longer have to bother scrubbing and bleaching, but my cleaner really does work to a professional standard. Even in a million years I could never do as good a job as she does, and I'm very, very pleased!

Isabelle J.


With four kids, two cats and a dog, it is needless to say that our carpets take quite a lot of punishment. Crayons, hair, mud; you name it and it is probably somewhere on our floors. It does get to me, I must say as I am quite house proud. Which is why every year we have CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning round to clean every single carpet in our house. It's amazing just how much they deteriorate in a year, you sometimes don't notice it over the hustle of everyday life. But once they are finished I always take a moment to step back and enjoy. A good value, high quality service every time.

M. Daignton


I don't have a bad word to say about CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning which is really rare for someone who's as picky about their cleaning staff as I am! I've had lots of cleaners in the past who just weren't up to scratch and this company was my last hope so I'm so glad that they did an amazing job! The cleaners were really attentive and didn't mind me being too specific and my house just looked fantastic once they'd finished up! I now get my house cleaned every two weeks and my home has never looked as good as it does now! Great service - thanks!

Lydia D.


I never thought I'd be the sort of person who relies on a cleaning company - I thought that professional cleaning was for lazy people, but a promotion at work meant I was spending more time at the office than ever before, and my home was really suffering! I hated coming home to a messy house and my kids were less than impressed as well. I got in touch with CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning and they've managed to give me all of the help I needed! My house looks great, my kids are happy and I don't have to worry about the cleaning ever again!



I thought that hiring a cleaner for my home wasn't really going to help me out, but after I called CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning it became clear how wrong I was! The cleaner I hired was truly brilliant, both friendly and adept at cleaning. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable with her in my house, and when she left my house looked absolutely fabulous. I'm always telling people about this service now, and I'll never go back to domestic cleaning myself! I have so much more free time and I love it! Everyone needs to try hiring a professional house cleaner!



I didn't actually have any problems with cleaning my house until I started having back problems. I found I couldn't reach into those dusty corners without hurting myself, and vacuuming my carpets was definitely out of the question! I wasn't sure about hiring a professional cleaning company, but CheapEndOfTenancyCleaning put me straight at ease! The cleaners are lovely and friendly and they do a great job. It's not an expensive service and they've definitely helped me out more than I can say! If you struggle with your house cleaning then this really is the best choice for you!



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